IYO Enterprise is a comprehensive training platform tailored for organizations requiring 5 or more licenses. Designed to address both essential and advanced training needs, it offers over 15,000 courses in 37+ languages. Curated by industry leaders and experts, IYO Enterprise goes beyond traditional learning by providing an immersive educational experience. From dynamic video sessions to hands-on tasks, it fosters not just education but the application of knowledge in real-world scenarios. It seamlessly integrates essential training and certification modules with the addition of personal and professional development courses, so that your organization has the opportunity to further develop themselves beyond mandatory training requisites - empowering your team to evolve and become more proficient and valuable employees.

IYO Enterprise is your organization's pathway to excellence.

A price point you cannot resist!

IYO Enterprise is available for $49 a month per license, with a minimum of 5 licenses.

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